Forest Ramble At Lakeside Garden

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The Forest Ramble is a huge playground in the Jurong Lake Gardens. It is the largest nature play garden in the heartlands. The 2.3-hectare playground at Lakeside Garden is designed with inspiration from the animals that call the freshwater swamp forest their home. The concept is really unique and produces an interesting playground for kids to have fun in! Each section is based on different animals and their qualities.
Beautiful fluttering butterflies are the inspiration for the Jurong Lake Gardens Playground’s swings. Other than the regular swings and circular basket swings that you can use to swing and “fly” in the air with, this area also features several interesting slides. There is a swing that can fit two people at the same time and a four-way swing that bounces in different directions!
Experience the flight of a Heron and zoom across a zipline and land in two “nests” in the Heron Playground. Pretend to be a frog and jump from one “lily pad” to the next on the sunken trampolines at Jurong Lake Gardens children’s playground’s Frog Play zone. View the world through the eyes of a crab by peeking through a passage of wooden crates dotted with pop-up windows in the Crab Play section.

Besides the animal-themed sections, there is a section called the Adventure Bridge where kids can test their courage and daringly walk across a wobbly log bridge. Then head on over to the Otter Play zone and spend a while in the shoes of an otter! Complete with logs to scamper over and flowing water streams to admire. Slitter into the next play section called the Snake Play zone, where there are different kinds of slides to fulfil any snake’s slithering needs! We’ve been told to expect a special surprise in one of them. Bounce, climb and hide in the Squirrel Play zone and pretend to hide your precious nuts from other squirrel thieves. Monkey-around in Forest Ramble’s Monkey Play zone where you can swing on rope vines then join an ant colony and work together with your fellow “ant” colleagues to build structures from blue foam blocks.

The playground makes use of a lot of wood and natural materials which makes it blend in with the greenery of Jurong Lake Gardens. It allows creativity and imagination to flow in your kids when they are playing. And it's educational! Even if your kids don’t immediately get the references for the animals in the playground, there are signs to tell them about the animals.


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