Wild Wild Wet: Waterpark Rides And Attractions

The ultimate waterpark adventure awaits you at Wild Wild Wet, the biggest waterpark in Singapore. The park caters to hardcore thrill seekers and tiny tots who are just entering the game. Since its opening in 2004, it has been renovated several times, 2017 being the year it was most recently majorly improved.

There are a total of 8 thrill rides and 3 play areas for little kiddies, some of the attractions are named with a local flair such as Ular-Lah and Shiok River. In short, you'll find it hard to get bored because there is something for everyone! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only fully vaccinated guests are allowed to enter the park in groups of 10.

If you are a family with young children, youll probably have more fun (and less crying) if you stick to these areas. The Professor’s Playground, Kidz Zone, Splash Play and Yipee.

The professor’s playground is a huge water playground that features spraying fountains and loads of easy-to-ride slides. And not to worry, the water depth of the playground is only 0.3 meters, so even those who cannot swim can enjoy their time here!

The Kidz Zone is designed for smaller children to be able to enjoy the experience of some of the bigger attractions as it features kid-sized versions of the big waterslides. The best part of the Kidz Zone is the miniature version of the funnel. Kids can oscillate back and forth inside the funnel before splash landing right into the splash zone!

For some less Xtreme kiddy water action, kids can make their way to the Splash Play area where they can enjoy tunnels, water cannons, and a little play structure right in the middle. If it is your kiddos first time at a waterpark and they are feeling a little timid, you can bring them to the Yipee area. Where the depth is only 0.1 meters and there are easy-to-operate water toys like gentle sprinklers and buckets!
If you love to get your heart pumping with adrenaline, these attractions are made just for you! At the beginner level (but still scary), we have the Waterworks. This attraction features body slides with 2 variations, open-aired and tunnelled. You have to be at least 1.2 meters tall to ride this one. Right above it is the Ular-Lah, a 2-rider flume raft ride that frighteningly sends its riders banking up the sides of the slide on your way to the bottom. If you're between 1 meter and 1.21 meters tall, you must be accompanied by an adult.

Now entering the proper XTREME attractions, we have the Torpedo, a 4-story drop complete with a 360-degree loop. Pray for your life as you step into the launching chamber as you eagerly wait for the trap door beneath your feet to open, sending you down at speeds of 70km/h (that’s really fast). The minimum height requirement for this attraction is 1.2 meters. Can't take the stomach drop? Try the equally as fun Royal Flush, experience zero-gravity as you get swirled around, sloshed up a wall, and down a tunnel on a 4-person raft. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is also 1.2 meters. The Slide Up is a gigantic U-shaped half-pipe that launches you 4 stories up, giving you the sensation of free-falling again and again as you slide back and forth continuously in opposite directions. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is also 1.2 meters but children under 1.46 meters must be accompanied by an adult.

A new addition to the Wild Wild Wet attractions family is the Vortex, which was made open to the public back in October 2017 (Along with the Kraken Racers).
The 135-meters long enclosed flume ride starts 18 meters above the ground and will take you on twists and turns, which include a 360-degree loop, before you are shot out at the bottom. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is also 1.2 meters. The next attraction called the Free Fall will barely give you enough time to scream because you will be speeding, almost vertically (Yikes!), down one of Asia’s longest water slides. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is also 1.2 meters. If you can still manage to walk after all these attractions, finish off with a bang at the Kraken Racers. Wild Wild Wet’s multi-lane racer attraction where up to 4 riders can zoom down headfirst in friendly competition. Just grab a blue mat, climb the stairs up 12 meters and get ready to outrun the Kraken down the 90-metre-long slide! The minimum height requirement for this attraction is 1.1 meters.

After all the sliding, running and splashing, its time to take a break at these chill attractions. The Shiok River is the 335-metre long lazy river of Wild Wild Wet. With a water depth of only 1 meter, it is great for the whole family to just float and laze about! If the kids are still craving some a little more action, you can head on down to the Tsunami wave pool! At a maximum depth of 1.8 meters and continuous waves, grab a tube and pretend to be lost at sea!

Wild Wild Wet offers changing and shower rooms, for both children and adults, and lockers. Locker charges start at $8 for a small locker, its also important to note that only dollar notes are accepted and no change given so be sure to bring along exact change. If you get hungry (you will), food and drinks are available at the Ola Beach Cafe. If you are planning to spend the whole day, why not spend a little more and rent out one of the cabanas available?

Things to notes

  • Please ensure that you and your children are dressed modestly when using our facilities, observing the dress code at all times.
  • For the safety of their children, parents must ensure that their children are supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Please also observe all warning and safety instruction signs, and comply with height and weight restrictions.
  • Loose items, jewellery, hard objects or electronic devices are not allowed on our attractions & rides.
  • Complimentary lifejackets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


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