Wonderlit is a creative enrichment space that offers a boutique experience tailored to nurture and develop children through their formative years to grow up into accomplished readers and confident communicators. From reading, writing, and speaking to performing, they aim to help children embark on a journey of self-discovery, spark curiosity, and fan flames of imagination, grooming each young voice into an expressive child with a strong presence, opening up a world of endless possibilities.

At Wonderlit, their hands-on learning encompasses literacy (phonics and reading), communication skills (writing and public speaking), and speech & drama programmes that meet internationally recognised certifications, as well as fulfilling the demands of oral syllabuses in Singaporean schools.

With the help of carefully developed programmes, and the latest digital audio-visual technology, their goal is to liberate children, bringing forth their innate confidence and creativity to become great storytellers for life. They want children to unleash their imagination freely, to build a creative learning space that’s like no other. They bring to life a fresh and innovative approach to children’s speech and drama in Singapore.

WonderLit understands that a learning space for young minds needs to be safe, fun, and inspirational. So, they have partnered up with award-winning design consultancies LAANK and BUREAU to create a one-of-a-kind environment that can accommodate children’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

Their whimsical studio is conveniently located on Orchard Road and It's a thoughtfully designed space that promotes a positive learning experience for children of all ages to support their creativity-based curriculum and elevate the learning experience for students.

The classrooms are equipped with features that bring out students’ greatest potential every day, every week. These features include a playfully lit mini-stage, simulating a real-life setting for presentation and performance, cheerfully designed blob-shaped surfaces, for doodling and collaboration, digital audio-visual technology, making lessons come alive by bringing the world to our students through the interactive learning space, and acoustic wall panels, controlling and reducing noise for optimal learning. The Wonderlit studio also features its own platform stage with audience seating for bi-annual performances, as well as a library hub to encourage students to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Nowadays, there isn’t much room in the school schedule to allow children to develop important communication skills at their own pace. Children who are insecure readers and writers become unsure about speaking up. Oftentimes, children who are more reserved in group settings fall behind. As a parent, it can be really hard to help because children behave so differently in school and at home.

Wonderlit’s goal is to fill this gap by taking children on a journey of self-discovery, sparking wonder and curiosity, and ultimately leading them to become effective communicators, hopefully giving them a head start in life. Children at the school are constantly required to express themselves in daily lessons, show and tell, oral examinations, essay writing, and informal interactions with teachers and other adults.

From the design of the learning space to crafting the curriculum and choosing qualified educators, every aspect of Wonderlit’s curriculum is aimed at creating the best experience for children to learn and excel. The curriculum is carefully crafted not only to meet the objectives of building confidence, creativity, character, and communication; it is also structured to help each child succeed in MOE oral and Trinity exams. They utlise holistic learning to encourage curiosity in students by expanding beyond textbooks into literacy and perspectives on real-world issues. Their inspiring educators, though already experienced, undergo extensive in-house training with regular assessments to ensure the required standards are met. They provide an invigorating environment in the form of warm and nurturing learning spaces that spur imagination and creativity, while small class sizes fuel both collaboration and individual growth. Student progress is monitored every step of the way with periodic updates for parents through their Wonderlit app. And most importantly, they empower students to think critically and on their feet, speak their minds, and have their own voices.


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